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What makes The Servo Group different?

We feel that our people make the difference. We’ve made a choice to focus on repairing and servicing one niche of industry. We have seen other companies claims that they’re a one stop shop and while we know one company can’t possibly service everything, we just tell you the truth up front. With three labs in each of our servo repair facilities you will be well served.


The Hydraulic Repair Lab

The Servo group has been know for 20 years to be the nations #1 choice in Servo valve repairs and proportional valve repairs. They also handle hydraulic pump repairs as well.  If you need any hydraulic repair one of these labs can handle it for you.

Some but not all of the Valve Repairs we handle :

Abex valve repair, Atchley valve repair, AroFlex valve repair, atlas valve repair, ASCO valve repair, Atos Valve repair, Asea valve repair, Bullard valve repair, Barber valve repair, Barber Green valve repair, Bendix valve repair, Bosch valve repair, Cincinnati valve repair, Cintrol valve repair, CEI Valve Repair, Continental Valve Repair, Daikin Valve Repair, Dayton Valve Repair, Dayton Valve Repair, Denison Valve Repair, Donzelli Valve Repair, Double A Valve Repair, Dynaguide vale repair, Dynamic valve repair, Dynex valve repair, Dynex Rivit valve repair, Dyval valve repair, Dowty-Moog valve repair, Fairchild valve repair, Fite valve repair, GPE valve repair, Gressen valve  repair, Herion valve repair, Honeywell valve repair, Hunkar valve repair, HR Textron valve repair, Kawaski valve repair, Koehring valve repair, Marrotta valve repair, Moog valve repair, MTS valve repair, Nachi valve repair, Nireco Dynaguide valve repair, North American Valve Repair, Oilgear Valve Repair, Olson valve repair, Parker valve repair, Pegasus valve repair, Eaton valve repair, Vickers Valve Repair, RVA valve repair, Racine Valve repair, Rexroth valve repair, SLI Industries valve repair, Servo Kinetics Valve Repair, SMB Valve Repairs, Star Valve Repairs, Tokyo Keiki valve repairs, Saure-Sundstrand valve repair, Tokyo Precision valve repair, Toyooki valve repair, Unimation valve repair, ultra valve repair, yuken valve repair, Wandtiuh valve repair.


Servo Motor Repair Lab

When it comes to servo motor repair, we have staffed our servo motor repair lab with the nations best technicians. Our dedication to servo repair quality keeps our technicians busy with either continuous servo motor education and  quality assurance. With the importance of servo motors in your organization why trust anyone else with your servo motor repairs.  Our Servo motor technicians work with the following motors. If you don’t see your motor call our office at 866-326-5150.

ABB Servo Motor Repair, Bosch Servo Motor Repair, Rexroth Servo Motor Repair, Allen Bradley Servo Motor Repair, Baldor Servo Motor Repair, Emerson Servo Motor Repair, Fanuc Servo Motor Repair, Indramat Servo Motor Repair, Kollmorgan Servo Motor Repair, Mitsubishi Servo Motor Repair, Moog Servo Motor Repair, Panasonic Servo Motor Repair, Parker Servo Motor Repair,
Pacific Scientific Servo Motor Repair, Siemans Servo Motor Repair, Yaskawa Servo Motor Repair, Vickers Servo Motor Repair, Bautz Servo Motor Repair, Baldor Servo Motor Repair, Rellance Electric Servo Motor Repair, Gettys Servo Motor Repair, SEM Servo Motor Repair, PMI Servo Motor Repair, Baumuller Servo Motor Repair, Pacific Scientific Servo Motor Repair, Lenze Servo Motor Repair, Glentek Servo Motor Repair, AEG Servo Motor Repair, BBC Servo Motor Repair, BridgePort Servo Motor Repair, ElectroCraft Servo Motor Repair, Getty’s Servo Motor Repair, Modicon Servo Motor Repair, Atlas Copco Servo Motor Repair, Bodine Servo Motor Repair, GE Fanuc Servo Motor Repair, Gloud Servo Motor Repair, Inland Servo Motor Repair, Lambda Servo Motor Repair


Electronics Repair Lab

Need servo electronic repair. The Servo Group electronic Repair lab is here to handle your servo repair needs. Our electronics lab is prepared to handle many different repairs , but here is just a few:

Amp Cards Repair, Circuit Boards Repair, Controllers Repair, Drives Repair, HMI Repair, Mother Board Repair, MTS Temposonics Repair, PLC Unit Repair, Power Suppliers Repair, Servo Amplifier Repairs, VFD Repair, Teach Pendant Repair

What does verification through testing on repairs mean?

We’ve invested in the latest technology and built very complex test cells that other repair companies simply cannot match. We feel that while other companies repairs might work for a short time, our repairs are put through a series of steps to ensure each repair is ready for a full service life.

Why would other repair shops not test?

We’re sure they would if they could. The servo industry takes talent and unfortunately, there are some companies that imply they do, but don’t.

Does my repair come with a warranty?

Yes, all repairs come with a 1 year time in service warranty or 18 month from invoice date.

Do you charge extra for rush repairs?

No. If it’s an emergency to you, it’s a priority to us. The only additional charges would be for freight or expediting charges from suppliers.

Can I rush my order?

Yes, just call your local customer service and let them know.

Can I track my order?

Yes, contact your local customer service representative and they’ll assign you a user name and password assigned to your account.

What kind of testing do you do?

Unlike many companies in our industry, we strongly believe that if it’s not dynamically load -tested ,flow-tested or run-tested then it’s not tested. We’ve invested heavily in our testing abilities and have built our reputation on our quality. We have also formed strong alliances that if it’s something we cannot fully load test , we’ve got the resources to ensure its been tested and ready to be put back into service.


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Rush Service

When your machine is down, we know that time is money. Unfortunately, we also know other companies exploit you while you’re down by charging you more cause they know you’re desperate. Here at The Servo Group, we charge the same price for the same repair regardless if you need it turned around the same day or as a standard repair. We’ve built our foundation on treating people as we would want to be treated.

Servo rush repair, servo georgia repair, alabama servo motor repair, servo drive repair, proportional valve repair, universial servo

Inventory Spares

The Servo Group has made the commitment to our customers that we’ll be there. To that end, we’ve invested in stocking many commonly used components. We have a large inventory of remanufactured servo valves, proportional valves, servo motors, servo drives as well as general electronic & hydraulic equipment. Next time you’re needing something fast, please give us a try.

Servo rush repair, servo georgia repair, alabama servo motor repair, servo drive repair, proportional valve repair, universial servo

Timely Support

Sometimes you just need help. For some reason, many companies have chosen to only repair your items and never disclose the possible reason WHY they failed. We have chosen a different approach, help the customer by showing them why it failed and how to prevent repeat failures. Whether it be a contaminated hydraulic circuit or faulty servo motor cable, going the extra step and educating the customer on steps to extend service life to us only seems the right thing to do.