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Vickers Valve Repairs

Need Vickers valve Repair? The Servo Groups commitment to excellence and quality shines through with it’s Vickers Servo valve repair, and Vickers proportional valve repair. With three regional valve repair labs your Vickers vale repair will be done quickly and carry The Servo Groups quality . Call us today for q quote on your Vickers valve repair needs.

  • All servo and rebuilt proportional valves tested in labs prior to shipment
  • Thousands of servo & proportional valve units in stock
  • Rebuilt servo units shipped from stock usually the same day
  • Rebuilt proportional valve units shipped from stock the same day
  • Factory authorized and trained technicians
  • Final test reports furnished with all valves
  • Flow plots using frictionless cylinders
  • Standard turnaround of 2-3 days
  • Free evaluations completed in 24 hours
  • All Vickers valve repairs leave having The Servo Groups seal of excellence.


Need A Vickers Valve Repair Quote? 866-856-5672

With the heat here and the abuse we put our valve through it is not a wonder I don’t live in the Atlanta servo office. These guys are remarkable. They are priced right and the quality and speed they are able to repair our Vickers valves is amazing. I have tried others here locally, but received broken promises and high repair cost. If you have not used The Servo Group I strongly suggest you start. If you have, then you already know what I’m talking about.

Larry Flanners

Maintenance Supervisor

I will cut to the chase. The Servo Group is fast, competitive on their price and frankly the best repair shop I have delt with. I don’t get lip service when I call, I get answers. I also like how I am never over promised. I will continue to use them for some time.

Kimberly Grant

Purchasing Agent

We repair servo valves and proportional valves from hundreds of valve manufactures.

The Nations Best In Vickers Valve Repairs

Here are some models that we have done in the  past for Vickers vale repairs.

Vickers Servo Valve Repairs:

* Vickers SA4     * Vickers SC4     * Vickers SH4     * Vickers SM410     * Vickers SM412    * Vickers SM415     * Vickers SM420     * Vickers SM430
* Vickers SM440    *Vickers SP425

Vickers Proportional Valve Repair:

* Vickers EHST-10     * Vickers EHST-11     * Vickers EHST-30     * Vickers EHST-40    * Vickers  KACG    * Vickers KADG4     * Vickers KADG5
* Vickers KAFTG    * Vickers KAHDFG     * Vickers KAHDG     * Vickers KASDG    * Vickers KATDG     * Vickers KBDG4    * Vickers KBDG5
* Vickers KAFTG    * Vickers KAHDF5     * Vickers KAFTG     * Vickers KAHDFG    * Vickers KAHDG    * Vickers KASDG    * Vickers KATDG
* Vickers KBDG4     * Vickers KBDG5     * Vickers KBFDG4    * Vickers KBFDG5    * Vickers KBFTG     * Vickers KBHDGn    * Vickers KBSDG
* Vickers KCG       * Vickers KDG     * Vickers KDG4     * Vickers KDG5     * Vickers KFDG4     * Vickers KFTG     * Vickers KHDG
* Vickers KSDG     * Vickers KSBDG     * Vickers KTG
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