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In these days of increased competition, any organization needs to cut costs as much as possible. One way in which this can be done is by repairing and using remanufactured parts for Servo motors. However, the cost cutting exercise can backfire if the repair or remanufacturing is not done by trained and expert technicians who take pride in their work and ensure that the delivered product meets the expected quality standards.
The Servo Group takes pride in undertaking the repair and remanufacturing of Servo Motors, hydraulic servo and proportional valves, and servo drives and electronics.

The Servo Group provides better Servo repair, remanufactured servo motors, and servo parts as they focus on a single niche industry. They believe that a one stop shop that serves all cannot deliver the quality of services that industry needs. Additionally, the Servo Group believes in testing all of the servo repair jobs it undertakes. The Servo Group has invested in complex test cells that verify that the servo repair work will last for long. This means that each repair will last for the full service life of the product.

Testing Servo repairs

The Servo Group has put in place detailed tests that are difficult to match by others who undertake Servo repair as it takes both knowledge and experience. The Servo Group stands by our servo repair and remanufactured servo motors with a warranty. The main advantage with using the Servo Group for servo repair is our testing process. We believe that every servo motor that is repaired should be dynamically flow tested, load tested, and run tested before being declared fit for use again.


The Servo Group is easily accessible and provides 24/7 service through a network of local support partners. This means that you obtain national coverage with local support.

Cost Savings Remanufactured Servo

The Servo Group enables organizations to obtain cost savings by providing superior servo repair facilities with warranties. Additionally, the group offers remanufactured servo motors and servo parts.

Servo Motor Repair & Proportional Valve Repair Process

When a customer asks for the repair of a servo motor, the Servo Group first undertakes a complete evaluation of the motor. During this process, parts that fail to meet factory specifications are identified. These parts will be repaired or replaced, or remanufactured. The remanufacturing is done using the measurements of the original factory part. The group then performs a preliminary testing of the various parts before the servo motor is reassembled. Once the servo motor has been reassembled, it is tested once again before being delivered to the customer.

The Servo Group realizes that many customers are in a hurry to obtain the repaired servo motor. As such, the group will take this into consideration when prioritizing jobs. However, a rush job is not charged extra. Instead, only any additional freight costs are charged. Moreover, a customer can track the progress of the work on their Servo motor using the tracking ID. This helps them to better plan their work and make proper commitments to their customers.



Michigan Servo Valve Repair

Michigan has one of the best servo valve repair facilities in the nation. The Michigan servo repair facility serves all of the following states:
Maine Hydraulic Valve Repair, New Hampshire Hydraulic Valve Repair, Vermont Hydraulic Valve Repair, New York Hydraulic Valve Repair, New Jersey Hydraulic Valve Repair, Delaware Hydraulic Valve Repair, Maryland Hydraulic Valve Repair, Pennsylvania Hydraulic Valve Repair, Ohio Hydraulic Valve Repair, Michigan Hydraulic Valve Repair, Indiana Hydraulic Valve Repair, Illinois Hydraulic Valve Repair, Wisconsin Hydraulic Valve Repair, Minnesota Hydraulic Valve Repair, Iowa Hydraulic Valve Repair, Missouri Hydraulic Valve Repair, North Dakota Hydraulic Valve Repair, South Dakota Hydraulic Valve Repair, Nebraska Hydraulic Valve Repair, Kansas Hydraulic Valve Repair. All of Canada Hydraulic Valve Repair

Moog D682, moog D685

Did you know that Moog was founded in New York in 1951? Moog maker of the Moog D681 valve series, Moog D682, Moog D684, and Moog D685. All staples in the servo valve and proportional valve arena. Moog valves are used from US advance warplanes to your lumber mill. The Servo Group Can save you a lot of time and money when it comes to your valve repair needs, call today.

As an owner of a cement plant, when our shaker goes down it can be dramatic. I called. I Shipped. You Fixed. We were backed up. It was that simple. I wish everything in this business was as simple as working with you folks.

Larry Tanner

Plant Controller