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The FANUC AC servo motor α series has been designed for machine tool feed axis applications. This servo motor α series has the following features:
The special magnetic pole shape minimizes torque ripples which, when combined with precise current control and accurate pulse coder feedback, enables extremely smooth motor rotation.
The use of a special rotor shape results in motors that are smaller and lighter than previous models, but which can develop a high level of torque. These motors, therefore, provide excellent acceleration characteristics.
A totally–enclosed, friction–free brushless design is used. This allows the servo motors to be used in demanding environments with no need for special checks or maintenance.
A low–indexing–error optical encoder (pulse coder) is built into the motors. This pulse coder enables precise positioning.
Pulse coders that output 65,536, or 1,000,000 pulses per rotation are available. As such, the α series motors can be used for positioning applications ranging from simple positioning to those requiring a high degree of precision. (Available pulse coders vary with the series and model of the motor being used.)
The FANUC AC servo motor α series consists of the α , αM, αC, α (HV) series, and αM (HV), all of which are suitable general machine tool, control applications, and the αL series, designed for controlling machine tools that require frequent positioning operations, such as punch presses and PCB drilling machines.

Each of these series is further divided into the following models:
D α series
α1/3000, α2/2000, α2/3000, α3/3000, α6/2000, α6/3000, α12/2000, α12/3000, α22/1500, α22/2000, α22/3000, α30/1200, α30/2000, α30/3000, α40/2000, α40/2000 (with fan), α65/2000, α100/2000, α150/2000, α300/2000, α400/2000
D αM series
αM2/3000, αM2.5/3000, αM6/3000, αM9/3000, αM22/3000, αM30/3000, αM40/3000, αM40/3000 (with fan)
D αL series
αL6/3000, αL9/3000, αL25/3000, αL50/2000
D αC series,
αC3/2000, αC6/2000, αC12/2000, αC22/1500


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