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How to Get Your Eaton Hydrostatic Valve Repaired Anywhere In The World

With decades of quality manufacturing, it’s little wonder that Eaton industrial components are used so widely throughout the US, Canadian & Mexican industry. Eaton’s pumps can be found in any number of factories along the border, as well as helping irrigate farms all through Chiapas. Unfortunately, like any manufacturer, even Eaton’s best equipment (such as the DuraForce HPV) can break down with enough time and stress. This means lost profits and productivity for your business while you work to fix the problem. Luckily for you, The Servo Group is now ready to provide the entire world with the best in servo repair. The specialized technicians handling the hydrostatic valve repairs and the best in the servo repair industry.

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Here at the Michigan facility, we handle servo motor repairs, servo & proportional valve repairs.  Our servo electronic and robotic lab is a true tier one facility and we look forward to working with any of your servo needs. If you need a quote or just have a question give us a call.

Wanda Wuerzinger

Customer Service, The Servo Group

Eaton Hydrostatic Valve Repair

With twenty years of experience providing top tier service in Eaton hydrostatic valve repair and unparalleled expertise in everything from Atos hydraulic pumps to Vickers proportional valves, The Servo Group has long been known as the best in American servo repair. Thanks to our recent growth, however, we are now proud to offer service to many of our closest international neighbors. Simply ship us your malfunctioning equipment for a free evaluation, and a one year service warranty on any work we perform. With our three US-based facilities each working hard to provide fast, efficient service, your business will be back up and running in as soon as possible, no matter where you are. If your business needs the best in hydrostatic pump repair, proportional interchange repair, Teach pendant repair, or any other industrial need, call The Servo Group today at 866-856-5672 to find out how we earned our reputation as the leading name in servo.


Eaton Hydraulics

Eaton Hydraulics is a global leader in the design, production and promotion of an all-inclusive line of dependable, high efficiency hydraulic systems and parts, which contains Vickers valves. Important markets include fishing, agriculture, building, industrial, mining, marine and yard & yard.
Backed by the most extensive provider network in the fluid power business, Eaton Hydraulics designs, manufactures and internationally markets an entire line of dependable, high efficiency hydraulic parts.
Headquarters are located.

Eaton Corporation

Eaton’s 59,000 workers work in 24 nations on six continents.

Eaton Valves

SM4-10/12/15 Servovalves, Flows to 57 l/min (15 USgpm) – Pressures to 210 bar (3000 psi)
SM4-20-10, Flows to 76 l/min (20 USgpm) – Pressures to 210 bar (3000 psi)
SM4-20-50, Flows to 76 l/min (20 USgpm) – Pressures to 350 bar (5000 psi)SM4-20 (-50 Design) Servovalves
SM4-30, Flows to 113 l/min (30 USgpm) – Pressures to 140 bar (2000 psi)
SM4-40 Servovalves, Flows to 151 l/min (40 USgpm) – Pressures to 350 bar (5000 psi)
SX4 SX4 Servovalves, Flows to 76 l/min (20 USgpm) – Pressures to 350 bar (5000 psi)
Single Ended Linear DC Servo Amplifier, EM-A-10
SF4-140-20-002-10, Two-Stage Flapper Type Servo Valve, SF4-140-20-002-10, SF4-100-30-002-10
Servo Valves, SE3-02-220-002-10, SE3-02-405-002-10SA4 Series, Two-Stage Servo Valves, SA4-03-**-***-1*, SA4-06-**-***-1*
Electrical/Amp./Power Supply, Amplifiers, Power Supplies, Function Modules, and Controllers Servo Electronics
EHA-PAM-291-A-20, Power Amplifier for Servo Valves

I will be honest, I have made a effort to only use vendors here in Jersey. The state of New Jersey has had a rough time these last few years. That said, as hard as I tried I can not risk trusting any of our Servo repairs to anyone but the Michigan Servo office. The Servo Group has worked on our Allen Bradley AB 2711 panel views, and or Allen Bradley AB 1391. Each time was under a emergency I need it now rush. Each time Wanda at your office got what she needed and assured me my items would quickly be returned and fixed. Every time she beats what time frame she originally stated. Every time I get surprised not only by your good pricing also by your repair turn times.

David Flanners




Where The South Turns For Servo Our Georgia Servo repair facility has labs that will handle Servo motor repair, spindle motor repair, servo Valve repair, proportional valve repair, hydrostatic valve repair, servo electronic repair, servo drive repair   One of our premiere Servo repair facilities , the Atlanta facility has been servicing our south eastern clients for 10 years. Know to be the place that other repair facilities send their servo repairs when they cant fix it. The technicians at the this Georgia servo repair facility have won our customer’s return business time after time. This due to the quality of their works. This Servo repair facility has also been noted nationally as having the quickest quality servo repairs in the country. Nationally certified to repair Servo Motors, Servo Drive Repair, Servo Valves, Proportional Valve Repairs, Teach Pendant Repairs, Light Curtains Repairs, Hydrostatic Pump Repairs, and much more


Common Eaton Valve Repairs We See

Eaton DG18S4-012C-52 valve repair,   Eaton DG4S4-010C-W-B-50 valve repair,   Eaton DG4S4L-012A-115AC50-60-50 valve repair,   Eaton DG4V-3-2A-M-U-B6-60 valve repair,   Eaton DG4V-3S-8C-V-M-FW-B5-61 valve repair,   Eaton DG5S8-8C-2V-MFWD530 valve repair,   Eaton DG5S-8-2C-M-FW-BF-30 valve repair,    DGMX2-3-PP-FW-B-40 valve repair,    Eaton  EHST-3-FVF-11 valve repair,   Eaton EHST-3-FVF-30 valve repair

Vickers valve repair, georgia servo valve repair, universal servo group, moog servo valve repair, rexroth servo valve repair, servo proportional valve repair