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Comau (short for Consorzio Macchine Utensili) Robotics, part of the Fiat Group, is one of the world’s most prominent producers of automation technology. While their work in the production of robotic welding tools earned them much of their acclaim, they are also well known for their Teach Pendants. Teach Pendants provide you with a direct interface for your production line’s machines and easy access to all of the information you need to keep things running smoothly. With all of the programming and diagnostic information you need at the tips of your fingers, Comau’s pendants are worth their weight in gold. But, an unfortunate reality of business is that even your most prized assets can break down with time. When your Comau Teach Pendant succumbs to this inevitability, what will you do? With The Servo Group, all you need to do is ship us your malfunctioning equipment to receive a free evaluation and all the assistance you need to return your production line to normal.


The Servo Group is one of the Americas’ most eminent names in industrial repair. We are known for our fast turnaround times, quality repair, and top tier customer service. When The Servo Group began twenty years ago, our staff was devoted only to servo devices in the US. Since that time, our fantastic technicians and expertise have allowed us to branch out into providing for all of your industrial needs, including Comau Teach Pendant Repair, no matter where your production line is located. If you want to learn why The Servo Group is known as the best in the business, call us today at 1-866-856-5672

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Comau Teach Pendant  TP5

Display & Key Board

  • 7” WIDE touch screen provides simplified and faster interaction
  • Optimized operations, even when using only the keyboard, for enhanced use in difficult production environments
  • Simplified keyboard designed to locate keys more easily during the programming phase thanks special tactile references on the membrane
  • Improved keyboard feedback when buttons are pressed


Comau Feel


  • The ease of use allows rapid learning by the user via a ‘natural evolution’ in respect to the previous versions
  • Full compatibility with existing applications that have been developed by customers for the C5G platfor


  •   30 times higher performance than the previous model thanks to more efficient software components and the latest generation processors (derived from the same processors used for tablets and smartphones)
  • Improved graphics for more intuitive use
  • Reduced consumption (via the latest generation electronic components)
  • Faster USB port




  • Improved casing is a result of intensive design and attention to detail to guarantee enhanced ergonomics
  • Improved arrangement of enabling keys on the back reduces wrist fatigue and ensures easier use of the central keyboard area
  • It can be grasped more easily and in multiple ways to reduce operator fatigue at work
  • Reduced overall weight and greater maneuverability
  • The practical upper handle delivers increased moveability and enables the TP to be hung even when far from the controller
  • A thinner and more flexible cable compared to the previous version, enables faster and easier maintenance
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