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How to Choose the Right Servo Repair Company For You

Servo motors, valves, and pumps have been a major contributor to the advances made in industrial automation over the past several decades. Without them, keeping a production line running consistently would be significantly more difficult, and with that convenience comes a hefty price tag. This can lead to major problems when one of your servo devices breaks down. While your first thought may be to simply replace the broken item, getting it repaired can save you a substantial amount of money. But thanks to their complexity and cost, finding the right servo repair provider is very important, lest you waste precious time and money on subpar repairs. If your company needs servo repair fast, here some questions to ask that can help you find the best provider for your needs.

1. Are They Experienced in Servo Repairs?

The Servo Group has twenty years of experience in the field of servo repair, and its long history of hard work has paid off, leading to our company being named the first independently owned firm given authorization to repair Bosch servo equipment. While this is a point of pride for our technicians, even more important to them is the large, devoted customer base that their expertise and hard work has built.

2. Will Their Servo Repairs Last?

Our veteran staff has been offering the best servo repair service available for years. In that time they’ve come to be experts in all of the components they work with. This experience, coupled with our proprietary testing equipment means that products we fix stay fixed. That’s why we provide a one year service warranty on all servo repairs.

3. Is Their Staff Helpful?

At The Servo Group, we know that the only acceptable answer to this question is “Yes”. That’s why we make sure that our customer service representatives are always ready to make sure that your experience with us is every bit as good as the repairs we perform.

4. What Servo Items Will They Repair?

When Pacific Servo was founded in 1994, it was focused almost entirely on providing only hydraulic pump repair and servo valve repair. Since that time, with the merger of Pacific, Northern, and Atlantic Servo into The Servo Group, we’ve been able to begin providing repairs for almost any industrial necessity available. Our technicians are more than capable of top notch teach pendant repair, proportional interchange repair, servomotor repair, eco drive repair, along with a plethora of other specialties.

5. Do They Charge for Servo Repair Evaluations?

The Servo Group knows that finding the right service provider can be difficult, which is why we offer free evaluations for all of our repairs. Thanks to our expert technicians, we will be able to provide you a quote as soon as possible.

As you can see, there are many things to consider when searching for a servo repair provider. But if you’re looking for the best, you’re looking for The Servo Group. If you’re not sold on us already, call us today to speak with one of our experts at 866-326-5150

The Servo Group Proudly Welcomes Our New Brazil Servo Repair Customers

Many who follow foreign affairs are sure to have heard of the BRIC countries, four of the largest economies in the world, following the United States and European Union. Brazil is one of the biggest in this group, and its industrial base is one of the largest in the Western hemisphere. Like many other companies, The Servo Group knows that the Brazilian market is ripe for business, and is proud that it can now provide quality servo repair service for clients throughout Brazil, anywhere from Rio de Janeiro to Sao Paulo.

Oregon Facility Serves the West Coast’s Servo Repair Needs

The servo repair facility in Eugene Oregon is the west coast proportional valve and servo valve experts. Serving the following states with the nations most comprehensive proportional valve repairs has made this office a regional favorite in servo repairs:
Oregon proportional valve repair, Washington proportional valve repair, Montana proportional valve repair, Idaho proportional valve repair, Wyoming proportional valve repair, California proportional valve repair, Nevada proportional valve repair, Utah proportional valve repair, Utah proportional valve repair, Colorado proportional valve repair, New Mexico proportional valve repair, Arizona proportional valve repair.